Call for Proposals - Virtual Education Series

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Would you like to present a CSGNA Virtual Education Session?

A typical program for a 1-hour would look similar to this example:

  • 1200-1205 Introduction
  • 1205-1245 Presentation
  • 1245-1300 Q&A

Every thing that we need is in this form:

It will help us to develop the communication plan, populate the program, online registration and eblasts. 

The webinar will be delivered using Zoom video technology.  You will be registered as a panelist and will receive an email confirmation from Zoom.  Please do not share this link with others as it is a unique link for panelists only.  On the day of the Zoom meeting, we will resend your panel invitation so that you have it conveniently available, please sign in about 15 minutes early to ensure all the technology pieces are working correctly.

We invite you to consider pre-recording the didactic portion of your lecture for the following reasons:

  • Ensure technology is working sufficiently
  • Allow speakers ability to edit presentation and redo if needed (and check it off your list any time between now and launch date!)
  • Timing of session doesn’t run over (we have a very full schedule)
  • The speaker will be able to see Q&A from attendees while session plays and prepare for Q&A portion

We understand that it does limit some interactivity and polls would need to happen before and/or after the recorded portion.  Let me know if you would like to set this up and we can record your presentation any time between now and the session date.

The preference is to participate in full video mode – so that participants will be able to see you throughout the event.  When you join the webinar, please update your screen to your name so participants will be able to identify you.  We will be recording the presentation for our website educational repository. 

Through Zoom webinar you will also be connected by audio.  You can test your sound quality using Zoom.   

As attendees, the audience will not have video or audio functions.  Any questions can be submitted using the ‘chat’ or Q&A function within Zoom.  Zoom allows panelists to use polling, single choice or multiple choice, questions during a presentation. We are able to launch the poll in real time and show results from the participants. We have the ability to download a report of polling after the meeting. 

If you have industry that may be willing to sponsor your talk, please have them contact me at your soonest.  We appreciate any form of in-kind or financial support.

With events unfolding daily around the world, here in Canada, in our institutions, within our communities and at our homes I hope you and your family continues to be healthy and safe.  Thanks again for agreeing to be a part of this webinar, for supporting CSGNA and sharing your expertise with the GI/IBD global community.