CSGNA Communities of Practice (CoP) are groups of Gastroenterology Nurses (RNs, NPs, and LPN/RPNs) who share a common interest in a specific GI Nursing area of specialization. CSGNA has developed these opportunities to develop a network to connect like-minded people, share individual and collective knowledge, develop practice guidelines and documents, and to stimulate collaborative learning.

Éducation CANIBD

Améliorer l'accès à l'éducation et à la spécialisation infirmière au Canada.

Présentations de la conférence annuelle d'infirmerie IBD du CANIBD 2016

“The inspiration behind CANIBD is to provide education and mentorship to nurses so they can provide high quality clinical nursing care to people with IBD”

Karen Frost, RN,NP  
Pediatric IBD