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Call for Abstracts: due May 1st. 2018

CSGNA is the National leader in Gastroenterology (GI) Nursing contributing to and providing access to, evidence-based standards, guidelines, position statements, expert opinions, publications, and education. CSGNA collaborates and partners with organizations and heath Care groups to provide advocacy, contributions to research, statistics, and a diverse network of GI Nursing Professionals and associates.

Call for Abstracts: due May 1st. 2018

The 2018 CSGNA Annual Conference in Quebec City will be your next opportunity to share your knowledge about a GI topic you are passionate about, disseminate research results or present an innovative project that will advance GI nursing and associated practice.

Acceptance of an oral or poster presentation does not waive attendance fees (registration, transportation, accommodation, etc.) Abstracts submitted before the deadline will be reviewed and an acceptance letter will be sent to the main contact providing further details of the presentation.  Click the link to see details. 

Call for Abstracts 2018

Abstracts can be emailed to Linda Gandy at:



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