Chapter Executive Event at CSGNA 2016: “Leading and Thriving in a Multi-Generational, High Technology World” by AnnaMarie Fuchs, Independent Project Management Consultants Inc (IPMC Inc.) click on video link below, and download 1 of 4 versions. must enter password: avc/csgna

2017 Victoria Conference PowerPoint Presentations

Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy.ppt

John Paul McGhie Three Patients Three Diseases.pptx

Cheri Ackert Infection Control in Endoscopy.pptx

Andrew Singh Endoscopic Ultrasound, A Primer for Nurses.pptx

Andrew Singh Management of Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis.pptx

Heather Janicki Nutrition in Inflammtory Bowel Disease.pptx

Injury Prevention Success story in Endoscopy.pptx

Shirley Maltman GI Motility 2017.pptx

Mary McCullum Hereditary Polyposis When Do Polyps Run in the Family.pptx

Ian Weir Blood and Guts Radiology of GI Emergencies.pptx

Pam Kibsey C-difficile disease Management: Flagyl to Fecal Transplants – A Step Wise Approach to C. difficile colitis.ppt

Denis Petruna Current Theraputic Trials for IBD.pptx

Lance Othmer Standards on Scope Storgae 2017.ppt

Andrew Flynn Barrett’s Esophagus: Does that Z-line look irregular to you?.pptx

Rob Crate Electrosurgery in Endoscopy.pptx

Jeff_Flynn and Mark Malinowski GI Foreign Body & Food Bolus.pptx

Cathy Arnold Cormier CNA Certification .pptx

David Miller Prepping the Diabetic patient for Endoscopy.pptx

Dr Malik Complications of Bariatric Surgery.pptx

Mary Ann Drosnock Engineering Quality into Endoscope Reprocessing.pptx

Jennifer Telford ERCP Changes in Practice.pptx

2015 Moncton Conference PowerPoint Presentations

Barrett's Esophagus-Schweiger (PDF 1MB)

Biosimilars - Mark MacMillian (PDF 1.5MB)

Bronchial Thermoplasty - Vince Gallucci (PDF 343KB)

Celiac Disease - The Silent Epidemic - Lisa McKnight (PDF 458KB)

Cohoon ‌Infection Prevention - Christine (PDF 937KB)

Complications of Liver Disease - Lisa McKnight (PDF 875KB)

Diverticulum Then Endoscopic Option - Schweiger (PDF 489KB)

Fecal Microbiota Transplantation - Mark MacMillian (PDF 396KB)

Hepatitis C Update - Dan Smyth (PDF 1.2MB)

Hepatocellular Cancer - Paul Renfrew (PDF 331KB)

History and Future - Peter Lightfoot (PDF 390KB)

I Could Eat a Horse - Lana Ivany (PDF 296KB)

Intestinal Complications of IBD - Audrey Williamson (PDF 630KB)

Making Waves and NETs - Peter Lightfoot (PDF 924KB)

Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis - Cory Gillis (PDF 377KB)

Role of IBD Nurse Practitioner - Kelly Phelan (PDF 770KB)

What's New in Management of IBD - Chadwick Williams (PDF 820KB)