Password Help: Make sure, when entering your password, that you do not use any extra character spaces.  Character spaces are considered, by the security settings, as digits in your password (even though they are blank – in computer language those blank spaces are coded as “ “).  If your password is “IBD123!!!” then it must be entered as IBD123!!! and not ” IBD123!!!” or “IBD123!!! ” (as the computer will read it as  IBD123!!! or IBD123!!! ).  Those spaces, before and after, if inadvertently copied to the password field, will result in no access to your member area.

Once you have successfully entered your password, you should save your password using your search engine “save password” function or write it somewhere safe to avoid resetting each time you enter the member area.

Also Note: We had communicated to the members that we were changing websites back in early 2018. We have record of your long history with CSGNA. The join date on the website refers to when we launched the online member area in July 2018. All members joined at the same time as this was the date that all member data was imported into the website module and the module accessible by members. Historical data is kept in the access database.